Presentación de Historia: Países del mundial

Nuestra profesora de Historia, Belen, nos dio la tarea de cada uno presentar un país de mundial. A mí me tocó Suiza y cree la siguiente presentación:

http://Himno nacional de Suiza

http://Datos de Suiza

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Radio Programme

Our History teacher, Lenny, told us to do an interview about the life of Charles Dickens during the industrial revolution and how this period influenced his works. Then we got together with the other artists and we made an opinion panel talking about this period and sharing ideas and experiences about it.

Lets take a look!

Here is the interview I made with Mati Giambruni. In this interview we can see how sad was Dickens’ childhood as the industrial revolution affected not only his family, also he was sent to work in a factory while he was a kid and in very bad conditions. All this pain and experience was later put in some of his books!

I: Hi everybody welcome to the best radio station of the world. Today our special guest is the famous writer and critic Charles Dickens! Hi Charles! How are you?
CD: I’m very well thank you.

I: First of all thanks for accepting our invitation! Now we are going to start with the interview.
CD: Yeah let’s do it!

I: Charles tell us when and where you were born.
CD: I was born on 7 February, 1812 in Portsmouth, England.

I: Did you have a large or a small family?
CD: Oh hahahah! I was the second of eight children!

I: Could you describe your childhood?
CD: Oh don’t make me remember it. It was so sad and difficult!

I: Why was that?
CD: When I was nine my father was imprisoned for debt and all my family were sent to the Debtors’ prison except for me.

I: And what did you do after that?!
CD: I was sent to work in a factory were I suffered awful conditions.

I: Was everything so bad during that time?
CD: The living conditions of the poor people were really bad but new inventions such as the railways, the telegraph and the steamship changed the shape of Britain.

I: Is it true that your novels refer to  the social impact of capitalism?
CD: Yes, they do! I used my novels to bring to attention the social abuses of Victorian England.

I: Could you give us some examples?
CD: Yes! Of course! Oliver Twist attacks the workhouse system and David Copperfield shows the awful experiences of the people who worked in the factories like me.

I: How many novels did you write?
CD: I wrote 15 novels in 34 years.

I: That is unbelievable! Did your children read your novels?
CD: Oh hahahah! I always ask them about that but there is no answer.

I: How many children do you have?
CD: I had 10 children with Catherine Howarth.

I: Are you still together ?
CD: No! We broke up a long time ago.

I: Is it true that your separation was due to your love affairs and one of them was with your sister in law?
CD: I can’t remember! My brain is totally focused on my real love: fiction.

I:Well Charles thank you for coming! I hope to see you again!
CD: The pleasure is mine Mati! Good bye.

Here is the Radio Programme called “Radio Rebel” that  I made with Alina Claps and Fran Costamagna who represented William Blake and Sofia Montoya and Tota Lupi who represented Rebecca Harding. During this interwiew all these artists expressed how they were affected by this period and how their experiences helped them to use that knolidge in their work. Lets take a look at this interesting interview!

  • Interviewer: Hello everybody! Once more thank you audience for choosing us! We have the pleasure of been with three marvelous writers, please welcome William Blake, Rebecca Harding Davis, and Charles Dickens!


  • WB: HAHA, thank you Fran! Hello everybody!
  • RHD: Is a great pleasure for me too, hello citizens!


  • CD: Hello, how are you!


  • Interviewer: I am so glad to have you here, for me is like being around superstars. I will begin with William.
  • WB: I will be honest, I saw it coming.


  • I: haha, great then. I read your outstanding poem “Hear thy Voice”


  • W: OH you did?


  • I: Obviously, it was fantastic, very clear to understand. But in my opinion, the image of the father that you created is a little bit strong. You thought about it? Was it something you intended to transmit? A selfish capitalist?


  • W: Selfish capitalist… I would not put it in those words, but you got the point. You know my position, my criticism to this government. I want people to open their eyes. This reality is making me nuts. We can not let strong merchants cheat on us. Because if we approve of what they are doing, a big gap between social classes will be created.


  • I:Oh thank you Will always speaking your mind! Rebecca I heard about “Life in the Iron Mills”, What moved you to speak about the situation of the time? Was there anyone in particular who inspired you?


  • RHD: Oh thank you for reading my story! What mainly provoked me to write this short story is the fact that women weren’t being taken into account like they should. They were mistreated and underappreciated and it felt that it was my job as a woman and a feminist to speak about it. I didn’t write it particularly for anyone but for everyone affected by the situation of our times and who felt identified with what I wrote.


  • I: Okey Rebecca! That was very good! Thank you very much for speaking your mind too.


  • RHD: Your welcome is my pleasure.


  • I: Well well…Charles! Last but not least, I loved “Christmas Carol”. How do you present the situation of our country in your story Charles?


  • CD:  Well Fran if you read the story you can see that in my story the main problem is the people who did not have enough to live on and they had to help their families. Also some of them lived in bad conditions during Christmas Eve which supposed to be a period of laughter and love. Another detail is that you can see how the rich people took advantage of their workers.


  • I: Okey okey, very good I see your position! I got your point! Thank you very much for coming here. I love you!
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To an Evening Star by William Blake

TASK: Answer the questions in the form of a poster and post it in your blog. Illustrate the poem with photos. I worked with: Felicitas Donato, Sol Bernusi and Eugnia Kenny.

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Quiz on connectors

Here is our quiz on connectors. I’ve worked with Victoria Quiroga, Sofía Montoya and Felicitas Donato.

Go check it out!

Good luck!

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Descriptive & Imaginative writing

Our language teacher, Pat, told us to make pairs and write a description using the vocabulary we learned in class. I worked with Feli Donato.

-Describe the situation (use your imagination) and the feelings of the people.

-Think about the mood

In the first picture, we can see a couple having dinner in a sumptuous restaurant. 

She seems to be a middle age woman, around her thirties. A skinny, tanned good looking lady. With a sophisticated modern look. In contrast, the prime man’s complexion is well built, he has dark brown hair, a long mustache and is wearing a new black-color plain suit.

Worried about the future trip they dreamed and planned to do since they were little kids aggressively she yelled at him: Ugh! Every time you make decisions that involve us both your never take me into account! Surrounded by a tense atmosphere, with a puzzled look on his face, he cautiously retired humiliated on account of her squeals. 

After being stood up in Carl’s restaurant both decided that they needed some time in order to consider whether or not they should continue with their relationship. 

For that reason, she went to visit her parents at San Francisco, Colorado. 

The mountains were covered in a thick blanket of white snow. Placed at the top of the mountain she was able to admire the beauty of God’s creation. Breath pale against the numbing air, she blinked thoughtfully as the frost patiently kissed her face, captivated by the soft. She adored the snow. 

Far away from the city and its responsibilities she decided to return back home and rekindle and light the passion of their relationship. 

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Cell cycle

Here is a video I made with Matias Giambruni about the cell cycle for the Biology class!

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Histagram: Charles Dickens

Our History teacher, Lenny, told us to create a Histagram of an important person during the Social Impact of Capitalism. We chose, with my partner Mati Giambruni, the writer and critic: Charles Dickens.

Let’s stalk his profile!

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History mind map

  1. Our History teacher, Lenny, told us to make groups and create a mind map of Social Impact of Capitalsm. I worked with Eugenia Kenny, Sol Bernusi and Felícitas Donato.

Here is the mind map we have made!

Mind Map of Social Capitalism

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Overcoming quotes

Our tutorials’ teacher, Pato Chujman, told us to look for and explain 3 quotes of overcoming problems and fears and I  like the following ones :

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” —Henry Ford

In this quote we can see that overcoming our fears is something the man discovered. We can always pass them with effort and we know that we can make it but is too inside of us that thought although we feel insecure and weak.

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” —Napoleon Hill

I like this quote because it has a positive and optimistic message. It makes us realized that fears are in our head and we are the ones who can avoid them and make what we want to do by making our dreams come true.

“Fear has its use, but cowardice has none.” —Mahatma Gandhi

This quote is very interesting because it says that with fear we can overcome our problems so at the end it has an objective or purpose but if we are cowards and we don’t make what we want only because of being insecure it’s the worst option you can make as cowardice has no positive side.

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Our teacher, Pato Chujman, told us to choose some phrases of overcoming our fears. I decided to choose the following ones:


What I can take as a knolidge from here is that in our life’s we will have a lot of challenges. We also have to live with them and accept them because they make the person we are today and the one we will be in the future.

The following quote shows how we always stay locked in our thoughts and strategies to overcome our fears and tells you that instead of thinking and thinking we have to react and make something to solve it.

What I learned about this final quote is that we sometimes want to scape from our fears and we used to think that we have to run away from it. The truth is that if we make that we will never finish the race so we have to confront this fears and overcome them.



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